Reebok Insta Pump Fury 20210801

First of all, it’s very good-looking. It’s true. It’s only 250 yards when I bought it. I’m ready to use a insole on my 38’s foot. I didn’t go to the counter to see the shoes. So I can’t judge whether it’s true or not. But it’s really light. The heel is a little bit worn. I hope it will be OK. What’s missing is that the details of the sole are not good, and there is an extra piece of glue in the white part There are scratches on the black and white pattern and big black spots on the pattern~

Great! Customer service is very patient to help me change the code number! This price is really grass chicken stick! But I suggest that you don’t need to buy a small half of the size. It’s just as good as the size of ADI

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