Puma Basket Platform 20210724

It’s a little too heavy, but it’s enough Sao. I like it very much. The older I get, the more I like pink. I’m from the post-95s. I don’t think it’s more than half the size. I usually wear standard 38 sneakers and casual shoes. Then I read the comments and said that the size is more than half of the size. So I bought 37.5 at the beginning, but it was still very large It was replaced by 37, because heavy freight is still very expensive. But it’s very satisfying to be able to wear it out after changing the size. I think the wedding pink is more beautiful than the gray blue pushed by little red book. Not suitable for shopping, not suitable for walking a lot of roads, easy foot cramps.

Shoes of fairy beauty!! Finally, I got a 35.5 yard Puma. It’s a small trumpet. I really want to cry. But these shoes are really beautiful. I exploded, love, love, perfect, awesome, and the little fairy who wanted to cry and liked it quickly. It was very good for them to wait for two days.

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